Create Your Custom Exhibit with Lightweight Xylea-Wood® Slatwall & Save!

Manufactured in the U.S. by industry leader S&F Woodcrafters, Xylea-Wood® is a revolutionary Slatwall Exhibit System perfect for Do-it-Yourself Trade Show Booths & Displays.

Virtually any display can be designed with Xylea-Wood & with the cost-savings built into the design, you’ll save on Assembly, Drayage & Shipping Costs every time you use your booth!

Our work covers a wide variety of projects including Custom Trade Show Booths, Slatwall Displays & Exhibits; Free-Standing Kiosks & Temporary Retail Displays.

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10x20 Tradeshow Displays

10×20 5a-20 with Header


10x10 Tradeshow Displays

10×10 1a-10


10x30 Tradeshow Displays

10×30 1a-30


10x20 Tradeshow Displays

10×20 4a-20


Xylea-Wood® Slatwall offers affordable Do-It-Yourself Display Solutions.

Light, but Strong. Xylea-Wood® Slatwall is 1/2 the weight of conventional plywood, 2X the strength & far more affordable.

Save Time & Money. Designed with durability, stability & cost-efficiency in mind, our patented slide & lock system allows you to assemble your display yourself without tools or expensive on-site contractors, saving you money on assembly, drayage & shipping costs.

Designing With Xylea-Wood – 100% FREE Exhibit Design. Our expert staff can help you plan your booth configuration, advise on customizations designed to meet your goals & calculate expected shipping weight & costs.

Merchandising Made Easy.  Xylea-Wood brings style & function to your product display while keeping your budget & goals in mind!

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“I absolutely love my Xylea-Wood slatwall panels I recently ordered for my boutique store, Steel Magnolia Marketplace. Murielle was so helpful in placing my order. Two women can actually move the walls and set up with the handy lifting tool included with our order. So easy to snap together … just like Legos! I highly recommend this option for your displays.” -Linda Harman, Owner

Custom Slatwall Retail Display Xylea Wood
Custom Trade Show Exhibit 10x20 Xylea Wood
Custom Exhibit DIY Slatwall
Slatwall Trade Show Custom Exhibit
10x30 Portable Slatwall Trade Show Exhibit
Custom Trade Show Exhibit Xylea-Wood