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Built with the Same Quality Patented Panel Technology As Our original Xylea® System  – All Components are Strong, Straight & Lightweight, offering Virtually Tool-less Assembly & Fast, Easy Do-It-Yourself Set-Up & Tear Down.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Xylea Panel Options.

Xylea® Revolutionary Economy Panels are available in a variety of surface materials, sizes, widths & thickness.

Xylea By the Panel

Xylea® By the Panel

Xylea By the Package

Xylea® By the Package

Xylea By the Pallet

Xylea® By the Pallet

Step 1 – Choose Your Panel Type & Thickness:

  • Single-Sided Slatwall – (1″ or 2″)
  • Double-Sided Slatwall – (2″ Thickness only)
  • Flushwall – (1″ or 2″)
  • Xylea-Extreme – (1″ or 2″)
Xylea Panel Kind & Thickness

Step 2: Choose Your Panel Color

5 Standard Color Options:

  • Black
  • White
  • Amber Maple Wood HPL
  • Lauan (Unfinished)
  • Xylea-EXTREME (Off-White Only)

Step 3 – Choose Your Panel Height:

5 Standard Heights:

  • 6’-0”
  • 6’-6”
  • 7’-0”
  • 7’-6
  • 8’-0”
Xylea Panel Height Options

Step 4 – Choose Panel Width:

4 Widths:

  • 30”w
  • 36”w
  • 43”w
  • 47”w
Xylea Typical Panel Width

Step 5 – Edge Caps (optional)

  • Choose Edge Caps
  • No Edge Caps

Step 6 – Choose Quantity

Xylea Panels available by the single panel unit, by the package and by the pallet.

  • Order Single Panel
  • Order Package
  • Order Full Pallet

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Xylea-Wood Slatwall Panels

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