10×20 Trade Show Booths
® GROWTH Slatwall Displays

Budget-Friendly | Lightweight | Fully Customizable | DIY Corporate Booth Ideas | Scalable & Reconfigurable

Affordable 10×20 DIY Corporate Trade Show Display Packages

Trade Show Display Booth Color Options & Add-Ons

Colors: White, Black & Amber Maple Wood +Custom Laminate Colors

Add-Ons include Shelving, Fixtures, Lighting, Graphics, Cabinets, Monitor Mounts, Dressing Rooms, Flooring & Walls as high as 16ft.

10x20 Custom Exhibit Xylea Wood
10x20 Slatwall Shelving Booth Design Xylea-Wood
Xylea Wood 10x20 Custom Slatwall Trade Show Display
10x20 Slatwall Trade Show Shelving Exhibit Xylea Wood
10x20 Custom Slatwall Exhibit Booth Xylea Wood
Custom Trade Show Exhibit Booth Xylea Wood

Trade Show Slatwall Display Panels

10×20 trade show displays are constructed with revolutionary patented lightweight Xylea-Wood. A display kit can be fully assembled in 30 minutes or less by 2 people with virtually NO TOOLS or additional materials needed. All parts snap together easily.

Each panel weighs 42 lbs and can be installed with the slats facing forward or the solid opposite side facing out. The panels can be installed in hundreds of different configurations and panels can be added or subtracted from show to show. The Xylea-Wood Exhibit System is compatible with standard slatwall fixtures and accessories and can be wrapped in a variety of surface materials including HPL, MDF, or PVC (Komatex) which provides an excellent printing surface.

S&F Woodcrafters is passionate about empowering exhibitors with lightweight, easy to assemble, budget-friendly custom displays. We pay exacting attention to craftsmenship and provide five star design services and customer support.

Note: Additional slatwall display panels and connectors can be purchased to expand your display.