Custom & Recent Xylea Wood® Design Projects

The Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibit System is a revolutionary newly patented “Hard Wall System of Panels” used for trade shows, retail displays, mall barricades or any application that requires a sturdy back wall or room divider.

This is not “rattle wall,” molded plastic panels or portable expanding fabric frames.

Fully customizable, Xylea-Wood is a true “custom hard wall system” so you can get exactly what you require and configure and re-configure it yourself. Add-ons include lighting, flooring, cabinets, shelving, fixtures, graphics, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, sign walls and back walls as high as 16 ft.

Xylea-Wood DIY slatwall panels are strong, straight & light. They are easy to assemble and will cut your drayage costs – usually by half the cost, saving you time & money on your display.

Xylea Wood 10x20 Slatwall Trade Show Display
Custom Slatwall 10x10 Exhibit -PASCHA
10x30 Portable Slatwall Trade Show Exhibit