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Discover Xylea-Wood® Slatwall Exhibit Displays

Xylea-Wood® Slatwall Trade Show Solutions. The ultimate in affordable portable trade show shelving displays, Xylea Wood Slatwall is a booth hard wall exhibit display system that is light, strong and versatile, making it the perfect trade show solution or temporary retail display option for clients needing shelving or slatwall for merchandising their trade show booth. Compatible with standard hardware and fixtures, Xylea Wood Slatwall Displays offer strength and flexibility while still weighing LESS than half the weight of conventional slatwall displays.

Xylea-Wood® Slatwall for DIY Booth Hard Wall Displays & Pop-Up Retail Displays

Built with durability and cost-efficiency in mind and available in White, Black or Amber Maple Wood Color Options, Xylea-Wood® Slatwall Panels are the ideal choice for displaying your products at trade shows & in temporary retail spaces & can be built in any configuration & customized with shelving, lighting, cabinets, graphics, monitor mounts, flush walls & more!

Whether you’re merchandising your trade show display or retail space, Xylea-Wood Custom Slatwall is the perfect choice for creating high impact displays and maximizing your space.

Why Choose Portable Xylea-Wood® Merchandising Display Booths & Exhibit Displays:

  • Easy to Handle – Super flexible, lightweight slatwall
  • Easy to assemble & easy to transport
  • Slatwall Panels are strong enough to support heavy goods, when used with readily-available shelves
  • Modular, everything snaps together
  • Premium Hard Wall Paneling System for Affordable Trade Show Displays
  • Available in Flush Walls
  • Full 100% FREE Consultative Customer Service
  • Made in USA

Browse Xylea-Wood Portable Slatwall Trade Show Booth Sizes

10’x10′ Portable Slatwall Trade Booth Displays
10’x20′ Portable Slatwall Trade Booth Displays
10’x30′ Portable Slatwall Trade Show Booth Displays

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slatwall displays

This is a typical trade show display which vendors can use.

This vendor was using Xylea-wood Slatwall to showcase shoes.

Building your trade show booth with Xylea-Wood Lightweight Slatwall Panels is quick & easy.

This is a typical back wall / slatwall, made up of eight panels.

Each panel weighs only 42 lbs. & ALL panels fit into one easily transported shipping container, offering BIG SAVINGS on your shipping costs!

Xylea-Wood® Slatwall. Easy to Set-up. Easy to Break Down.

Examples of Xylea-Wood® Slatwall Display Panel Configurations
*Xylea-Wood® Trade Show Display Slatwall Panels can be customized with graphics, shelving, cabinets, lighting, monitor mounts, dressing rooms, fixtures & breakouts and walls as high as 16 ft.

This is a photograph of a single-sided slatwall made of lightweight Xylea-Wood, using display shelves.

This is an image showing return or sidewall panels in Xylea-wood slatwall.

This is a well-lit 10′ x 20′ display space utilizing Xylea-wood slatwall with shelving.

This is an example of a free-standing Xylea-wood slatwall panel, which can be used with T-stanchions. Vendors could potentially add another freestanding Slatwall panel by using our patented cleating system.

Trade show vendors can use typical slatwall fixtures with the Xylea-wood Slatwall system.

This is an example of a custom Xylea-wood corner unit Kiosk.

This aerial photograph showcases the potential size and customized shapes vendors can achieve using the patented Xylea-Wood Slatwall Exhibit System.

The Xylea-Wood Exhibit System enables trade show exhibitors to professionally showcase their wares.

trade show booth displays

This Xylea-Wood trade show package uses a truss lighting system, along with a Xylea-wood slatwall display.

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