Light Weight Slatwall Trade Show Display Panels

Xylea-Wood Revolutionary Slatwall is the Perfect Wooden-like Paneling Exhibiton Booth Solution for Merchandising Trade Show Exhibits, Displays, Kiosks & Temporary Retail Spaces

Virtually any trade show exhibit, trade show booth, or trade show product display or retail space can be built using portable, affordable lightweight Xylea-Wood Slatwall Display Panels. It’s half the weight of conventional materials and twice the strength, making it the perfect choice for all your DIY trade show shelving and merchandising needs! Chat with our expert trade show consultants today to discuss your needs at 909.860.2695. We can help bring your booth design or retail display to life!

Single side slat

Lightweight Single-Sided Slatwall

Double side Slat

Lightweight Double-Sided Slatwall


Lightweight Flushwall

Slat options